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BrightEdge's Farnaz Bakshi (center) presents Golden Ticket to Brad Niles, CEO of ARIZ (third from left) along with the BrightEdge and Bakar Labs teams
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ARIZ and Catena Awarded Golden Tickets to Bakar Labs, Sponsored by ACS BrightEdge Fund

With the Golden Tickets, ARIZ and Catena each win one year of free office and lab space at Bakar Labs and access to BrightEdge’s robust network of resources to develop their cancer therapies. They will be able to access Berkeley campus resources, connect with Bakar Labs' business affiliates, and network with more than 30 fellow tenant companies. The combination of support from Bakar Labs and BrightEdge will, most importantly, allow ARIZ and Catena to bring their technology to patients sooner.

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Close-up of someone putting Umaro bacon on a breakfast sandwich

Umaro’s $3M Agfunder-Led Seed Round Hints at a Ocean-Based Future for Alternative Protein

Umaro co-founder & CEO Beth Zotter says the future of protein is “blue” – meaning most of it will come from our oceans as resources like cultivable land and fresh water dwindle. Read post
Aerial view of BBH

Bakar BioEnginuity Hub Raises the Bar for Urban Adaptive Reuse Projects

“The original building structural design is kind of a house of cards,” says Allen Nudel, director of business strategy at Forell/Elsesser who led the structural team. “It’s an awe-inspiring and beautiful icon of innovation, and one of the most architecturally complicated structures in the Bay Area—maybe in the entire western United States. It was by far the most difficult seismic retrofit we’ve ever done.” Read post
A view of the skylights at BBH

A Brutalist Icon in Berkeley Is Reborn as a Bioresearch Hub

“I still can’t believe that I was able to work on the building, be part of the legacy,” said Kevin Koblik, project manager for MBH Architects, the firm that headed the conversion effort. “It was a challenge start to finish, but in all the right ways.” Read post
An interior view of BBH's skylights

A First Look Inside UC Berkeley’s Bakar BioEnginuity Hub

“We always intended Bakar Labs to have a ‘double bottom line,’ a responsibility to select and support startups that have a strong chance of market success and are developing solutions to make the world a better place,” said Regis Kelly, director of Bakar Labs and QB3 executive director. Read post