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Shakked Halperin

Rewrite and Replace: Shakked Halperin, Serial Entrepreneur

“CRISPR offered a pair of DNA scissors that were going to change the world,” Shakked says. “But I didn’t want to just cut. I wanted to rewrite with full control over the target sequence, so with Rewrite I turned to nature’s DNA writer – DNA polymerases – and made something closer to a pencil.” Read post
Tim Craven

Insamo Pulls $12M Seed Round To Put Peptides Under a Magnifying Glass

Insamo starts by leveraging its AI and ML models to design more than trillions of unique molecules that are all orally bioavailable. Next, the company screens each and every one of the compounds against the target of interest. “It feels like cheating because you get the right answer every time,” Craven said, thanks to Insamo’s one-two punch of at-scale, AI-informed drug design, followed by affinity screenings that look for antibody-like binding. Read post
Paul Bresge of Ray Therapeutics

How a Promise Sparked Ray CEO Paul Bresge’s Quest to Treat a Blinding Disease

One of his daughters, Tamar, was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in 2010 at the age of 15, when the family was living in Toronto. “We were basically told—in the whole span of . . . maybe two or three minutes—‘You’re going blind, there’s nothing that can be done to save your vision, here is a handbook to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind,’” he said. “That was a real pivotal moment for all of us, particularly her.” Read post
Gino Segre at Bakar Labs

‘Innovation Zone’ Is Coming to Downtown Berkeley

“You can see the ecosystem here is just flourishing and becoming … even bigger and bigger, [or] as I say, a flywheel for innovation and startups,” Gino Segre, managing director of Bakar Labs, told the Business Times. “The campus itself is dedicating more real estate and more of its attention to creating these kinds of programs over time – and it’s going to be more interdisciplinary too.” Segre said Bakar Labs could have a partnership with the new addition to campus, though specifics are not yet known. Read post
Beth Zotter and Julian Rees

Umaro and HOPO, Bakar Labs Tenants, Partner in DOE-Funded Project to Extract Rare Earth Elements from Seaweed

Two Bakar Labs tenants, Umaro and HOPO, have forged an unlikely partnership to extract rare earth elements from seaweed in a project funded by a $1.78 million grant from the US Department of Energy. The award was announced Thursday, November 2, through the ARPA-E program. The joint project will explore seaweed as a sustainable source of rare earth elements, such as neodymium and dysprosium, crucial for advanced manufacturing. Sectors that could benefit include renewable electricity, computer chips, and electric vehicles. Read post
UC Berkeley library and Campanile

In a First, UC Berkeley Showcasing Startups Around J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Two events in particular spotlight UC Berkeley’s mindset: The on-campus Bakar Labs incubator and law firm Wilson Sonsini are sponsoring a reception Monday night at the foot of Market Street, and the university’s Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center has organized a Tuesday event in a temporarily converted South of Market art gallery to showcase 24 biotech drug, medical device, diagnostics and research tools startups. The events represent a sea change led by Rich Lyons, the former dean of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and now chief innovation and entrepreneurship officer, and Dave Schaffer, the director of the UC system’s QB3 program, UC’s Bakar Labs incubator and the labs’ home, Bakar BioEnginuity Hub. Read post
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