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The Catena team (L-R: Samantha Brady, Chanez Symister, Maxwell Nguyen, Marco Lobba) at the opening launch event for Bakar Labs and the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub. UC Berkeley photo by Keegan Houser.

How can we direct therapeutics to where we want them to take effect? Often the solution lies in attaching, or conjugating, a therapy to another molecule that performs the targeting function. “We discovered a new protein conjugation process that allowed us to build things like CRISPR base editors,” says Catena CEO and co-founder Marco Lobba. “It’s not just applicable to Cas9, but also to antibodies, cell-based therapies, and several other types of new drugs.”

Aug 05, 2022
Vicinitas logo on a wavy background

“The concept of chemically induced proximity – using multispecific molecules to bring two targets physically together – has yielded notable successes in the field of protein degradation,” said Jorge Conde, General Partner at a16z. “Vicinitas is leveraging its proprietary DUBTAC platform to pioneer the emerging space of targeted protein stabilization. This approach has the potential to access highly valued yet currently undruggable proteins and create differentiated therapies that will impact patient lives.”

Aug 04, 2022
BridgeBio logo

“Partnering with UC Berkeley and QB3 to launch Bakar Labs is a natural extension of our mission to discover, create, test, and deliver transformative medicines to as many patients as possible. Through this collaboration, we aim to strengthen the Bay Area biotech ecosystem and potentially unlock new therapies for patients with unmet needs,” said BridgeBio founder and CEO Neil Kumar, Ph.D.

Aug 04, 2022
A plate of Umaro's bacon made from seaweed

Umaro dives into a new type of technology to create vegan alternatives. Co-founders Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles picture the future of protein from seaweed farms, a sustainable solution in vegan meat production. The vegan company is the first to develop and use red seaweed protein as an umami-enhancing ingredient in their bacon.

Aug 04, 2022
cartoon graphic of two people shaking hands

“Our winners are great examples of the companies the Foundation wants to attract – bold, innovative, and unafraid of the challenges ahead. These are the types of early-stage technologies we need to nurture today to bring us closer to a cure for CF tomorrow,” Martin Mense, PhD, senior vice president of drug discovery and director of the CF Foundation Therapeutics Lab.

Aug 04, 2022
Decorative graphic with wording "Golden Ticket Competition"

Congratulations to AVECRIS and Nosis Bio! Yesterday, Wednesday, July 20, at Bakar Labs, following the final live pitch session, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation announced that AVECRIS and Nosis had won 2022 Golden Tickets to the Bakar Labs incubator.   Bakar Labs is proud to collaborate with the CF Foundation in the quest for a cure for […]

Jul 21, 2022
Derek Sims, Cornell Mallari, and Terry Hermiston of Coagulant in the lab

Uncontrolled bleeding is the single largest cause of death among individuals ages 1 to 44 years. In fact, 40% of all trauma deaths are a result of blood loss.

And yet, on the other side of the spectrum, blood clots can lead to another set of serious health problems. That’s why Coagulant is developing CT-001, a recombinant coagulation factor that circulates in the blood for only 3 minutes.

Jul 13, 2022
Beth Zotter holding some kelp

Smithsonian Magazine covers the emerging sector of foodtech companies, including Bakar Labs tenant Umaro Foods, making delicious products from one of the world’s great underused resources: kelp. Umaro CEO Beth Zotter says “[Bacon is] a product notorious for being hard to give up for vegetarians. It’s sort of like the gateway drug that makes people revert back to full-on carnivory.”

Jun 24, 2022
A plate with two pieces of Umaro's seaweed bacon

Plant-based bacon is challenging to pull off. But the version from Berkeley’s Umaro Foods is wooing investors and chefs.

Jun 17, 2022
Josh Yang, Daniel Estandian, and Jai Prakash in the lab

In the first of our new spotlight series on tenant companies, we spoke to Daniel Estandian of Glyphic Biotechnologies. He tells us why and how Glyphic got started, and about challenges they’ve faced.

Jun 16, 2022