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Gino Segre at Bakar Labs

‘Innovation Zone’ Is Coming to Downtown Berkeley

“You can see the ecosystem here is just flourishing and becoming … even bigger and bigger, [or] as I say, a flywheel for innovation and startups,” Gino Segre, managing director of Bakar Labs, told the Business Times. “The campus itself is dedicating more real estate and more of its attention to creating these kinds of programs over time – and it’s going to be more interdisciplinary too.” Segre said Bakar Labs could have a partnership with the new addition to campus, though specifics are not yet known.

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Radar Therapeutics co-founder & CEO Sophia Lugo (right) accepts the award from, L-R, Amgen's director of technology and strategic alliances and therapeutic discovery; Kelly Huggins; chief of staff Laura Parmer-Lohan; and executive director Jason DeVoss.

Radar Therapeutics Wins First-Ever Amgen Bakar Labs Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Award

“We're elated to see Amgen promoting the importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging at their company and in industry, and honored to have received the award,” says Radar CEO and co-founder Sophia Lugo, a first-generation immigrant from Mexico. Sophia co-founded Radar with CSO Eerik Kaseniit, a Stanford bioengineer originally from Estonia. Read post