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Everything that a bio-entrepreneur needs, all in one location.

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Bakar Labs is located in the iconic landmark Woo Hon Fai Hall, former home of the Berkeley Art Museum, at 2630 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720. 

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Bakar Labs

Incubator Features

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Labs (Co-Working or Private)

Bioscience startups need specialized lab space — they can’t just get going at Starbucks. Bakar Labs provides space sized for your needs. Start with just the number of benches you need — even just one, we’re flexible. Private lab space is also available. Fridges, freezers, and other equipment can be rented on demand, and time reserved in fume hoods, flow hoods, and clean rooms.

Shared Equipment

Equipment is expensive, yet most startups tell us it’s one of their top needs. At Bakar Labs an extensive selection of equipment will be available, including:

Cell culture facilities: cell counter, biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubator, shaking incubator, microscope, 4C refrigerator, -20C freezer.

Benchtop equipment: scale, centrifuge, heat block, fermenter, microwave, pH meter, thermocycler, water bath.

Analytical Equipment: Gel imaging, HPLC, plate readers, qPCR, microscope.

Infrastructure: -80C freezer farm, deionized water, fume hood, ice machine, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.

Lab Services: Autoclave and glass wash.

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Members of Axent Biosciences standing in cubicles on the main floor

Desks and Private Offices

Bakar Labs accommodates startup office needs, whatever they are. Options include a co-working format, offering sit/stand desks with secure storage, or private offices big enough to hold small teams.


Bakar Labs is a place to connect. You can build your network casually in the break room or courtyard. Convene in a conference room. Or you can interact more formally in the 100-seat event space. And bike commuters can take advantage of secure storage. Showers are also available.

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Campus Core Facilities

UC Berkeley offers an extraordinary range of scientific capabilities including advanced core facilities staffed by trained operators. Sequencing, mass spec, microscopy, high-throughput screening, NMR and more are available.

Find the core facility you need

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In the center of it all, Bakar Labs is just steps away from world-class knowhow in science, business and law. Dozens of dining and cafe options are just as close in the vibrant commercial district. Commuting options are supported by well-developed public transit options. Parking is also available.