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Sampling Human Ships its First Kits for Cellular Analysis to Early Access Customers and Releases an App Note with BMG LABTECH

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Sampling Human, Inc., a techbio company developing single cell technologies, announces the delivery of its Apoptosis (Anti-PS) Biocytometry Kits to Early Access customers. In addition, Sampling Human has partnered with BMG LABTECH to release an application note pairing their kits with BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

Daniel Georgiev, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sampling Human, will be speaking on applications for the technology at the SynBioBeta conference. “At Sampling Human, we recognize the great lengths scientists go to today in order to obtain high-quality single-cell data,” said Daniel Georgiev. “Our plug and play products are designed to deliver reliable solutions with higher specificity, lower cost and ease of use for measuring the growing number of specialized cells in the body.”

Early customers receiving their kits are members of the Cell Biology Education Consortium (CBEC), a network of educators developing cell biology programs at universities across the country. These early users include both researchers and students measuring apoptosis rates for diverse applications. The universal importance of apoptosis in drug discovery and healthcare is well known; however, precise measurement of apoptosis remains a challenge. The Sampling Human Apoptosis (Anti-PS) Biocytometry Kits, for the first time, enable measurement of complex samples including fixed samples and organoids. The kits enumerate cells in the phase of early apoptosis with a simple luminescence readout on a plate reader.

Nathan Reyna, Head of CBEC, expressed the significance of the partnership, stating, “It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to work with a company like Sampling Human that is committed to making advanced biotechnologies accessible to a broad audience. It’s astounding to think that our students are now capable of performing sensitive single-cell measurements that, just five years ago, wouldn’t have been possible even in most high-end laboratories.”

Separately, an application note has been developed in partnership with BMG LABTECH. In the app note, the Sampling Human’s kits were coupled with BMG LABTECH’s VANTAstar® with injector to enable a semi-automated workflow with improved throughput, enhancing efficiency and productivity in cellular analysis.

Eric Matthews, Vice President of Sales North America for BMG LABTECH USA, commented, “This technology opens up really exciting possibilities. Microplate formats allow researchers to read many samples quickly. Sampling Human’s products bring that advantage to single-cell analysis with what was only possible with flow cytometers or imaging methods in the past.”

Chief executive officer Daniel Georgiev will be speaking about the commercial roadmap for the Company at the SynBioBeta conference on Thursday, May 9th, 4:45pm PT. More information regarding the technology of Sampling Human’s platform was recently released to the public on bioRxiv. For more information about the Early Access Program, visit

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