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More Important Than Free Lab Space: Golden Ticket Opens the Door to Work With the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Winning the Golden Ticket has had a major impact on Nosis Bio,” says Chad Miller, principal scientist and a co-founder of the company. “More important than the free lab space, the Golden Ticket opened the door to the Foundation, which has an incredible track record of supporting biotech companies to develop revolutionary therapeutics.” Read post
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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Funds Nosis Bio to Design Gene Therapy Carriers

Gene therapy is usually delivered aboard a harmless virus that can be taken up by cells. However, the immune system may see the introduced gene or the viral carrier as foreign or unfamiliar and react to protect the body, causing an unwanted immune response. To make delivery safer, Nosis is using AI and deep learning — an AI technique that teaches computers to process data in a way similar to the human brain — to design new molecular carriers to get gene therapy directly into specific lung cells. Read post
BrightEdge's Farnaz Bakshi (center) presents Golden Ticket to Brad Niles, CEO of ARIZ (third from left) along with the BrightEdge and Bakar Labs teams

ARIZ and Catena Awarded Golden Tickets to Bakar Labs, Sponsored by ACS BrightEdge Fund

With the Golden Tickets, ARIZ and Catena each win one year of free office and lab space at Bakar Labs and access to BrightEdge’s robust network of resources to develop their cancer therapies. They will be able to access Berkeley campus resources, connect with Bakar Labs' business affiliates, and network with more than 30 fellow tenant companies. The combination of support from Bakar Labs and BrightEdge will, most importantly, allow ARIZ and Catena to bring their technology to patients sooner. Read post
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CF Foundation’s First ‘Golden Ticket’ Contest Announces Winners

“Our winners are great examples of the companies the Foundation wants to attract – bold, innovative, and unafraid of the challenges ahead. These are the types of early-stage technologies we need to nurture today to bring us closer to a cure for CF tomorrow,” Martin Mense, PhD, senior vice president of drug discovery and director of the CF Foundation Therapeutics Lab. Read post
A cartoon of a scientist at a lab bench with a microscope and test tubes

CFF’s ‘Golden Ticket’ Competition Will Support Early Gene Research

“As part of our relentless pursuit of a cure, we are dedicated to investing in early stage science. We know that to make progress toward our bold mission to cure CF, we need to attract bold, like-minded researchers,” said Martin Mense, PhD, senior vice president of drug discovery and director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Lab Read post
Decorative graphic with wording "Golden Ticket Competition"

Bakar Labs and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Support Entrepreneurs to Develop New Genetic Therapies for CF

Up to 3 selected companies will win "Golden Tickets" for lab space at Bakar Labs, and access to the extensive resources of the CF Foundation, including scientific experts and advice, lab/research tools and techniques, an extensive patient registry, clinical trial design support, and a Therapeutics Development Network of over 90 clinical trial sites in the US. Read post