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Granatus Ventures Invests in Endometrics to Develop First-in-Kind Solution to Endometriosis

From the Granatus website.

Granatus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm, has announced its recent investment in Endometrics, a medtech company specializing in developing a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic solution for endometriosis.

Manuk Hergnyan and Yana Aznavour
Manuk Hergnyan, Managing Partner at Granatus Ventures, and Yana Aznavour, CEO and founder of Endometrics.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects women causing severe pain and infertility. It affects around 10% of women of reproductive age, diagnosis takes up to 8 years and requires surgery. Endometrics develops a unique solution for diagnosing endometriosis non-invasively by identifying specific genomic features of endometrial cells.

Endometrics, led by award-winning ObGyn and researcher Yana Aznavour, has joined Granatus Ventures’ portfolio of deep tech companies. Dr. Aznavour expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that Granatus Ventures’ capital and network would help Endometrics advance to the next stage. With this support, Endometrics can introduce its diagnostic solution to the market and achieve new levels of growth.

Manuk Hergnyan, Managing Partner at Granatus Ventures, sees great potential in this partnership, emphasizing their commitment to supporting Endometrics’ groundbreaking diagnostic solution to alleviate the suffering of so many women around the world.

The investment from Granatus Ventures will accelerate the development and launch of Endometrics’ innovative solution, expand its marketing efforts, and hire additional talent to support its growth.

About Granatus Ventures

Granatus Ventures is a leading venture capital firm based in Yerevan, Armenia. The firm invests in deep tech startups that address the most fundamental global issues.

About Endometrics

Endometrics, a Berkeley-based company with the team in Armenia, is committed to transforming women’s healthcare, starting with endometriosis. Endometrics recently graduated from the UC Berkeley accelerator and received the first-prize award in the emerging startup category at the Women’s Health Innovation Summit Startup Showcase.