Distinguished Speaker

Ron Leuty, San Francisco Business Times. “Clickbait, p-values and how your company is going to change the world”

Ron Leuty, Senior reporter, San Francisco Business Times

Ron Leuty is a biotech reporter and journalist who has been covering the industry for over a decade. He is currently the San Francisco Business Times’ Biotech Reporter, where he covers breaking news, emerging trends, and innovative companies in the biotechnology sector.

Leuty has become a recognized authority in the biotech industry during his tenure at the San Francisco Business Times, and his reporting has been instrumental in informing industry leaders, investors, and policymakers about important developments in the field. He has written extensively on drug discovery, clinical trials, regulatory issues, and biotech startup financing.

He has written for a number of publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay Times, and the Silicon Valley Business Journal, in addition to the San Francisco Business Times. He has also been a featured speaker at industry conferences and events, where he has shared his insights on the latest biotech trends and challenges.