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Vicki Seyfert-Margolis. “How to Do Your Own Clinical Trials and Capture Real World Evidence”

Clinical trials are enormously expensive. Most companies work with CROs and start from scratch each time in defining endpoints and finding patient populations — and still see dismal retention numbers. But now there’s a different way: the RespondHealth digital platform, which employs AI to enable research centers and companies, even startups, to design their own trials. Respond enables users to manage the complete patient journey and capture patient-reported outcomes, addressing real patient populations. The platform was developed by Vicki Seyfert-Margolis after she served as Senior Advisor for Science Innovation and Policy to the Commissioner of the FDA. Vicki herself has designed and conducted more than 25 Phase II trials, including a recent trial for metabolic disease and diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley, which had over 90% patient retention. Join us to learn how you could use Respond to design a custom, efficient clinical trial.

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About the Speakers

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Ph.D. founded RespondHealth (originally My Own Med) in January 2013, based on over two years of work on a database, web and mobile application platform technology for family-based co-management of health. Previously, Dr. Seyfert-Margolis was the Senior Advisor for Science Innovation and Policy in the Office of the Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration. While at the FDA, she oversaw the development and execution of an agency wide strategic plan for regulatory science.

Prior to the FDA, she served as Chief Scientific Officer at the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), a non-profit consortium of researchers seeking new treatments for diseases of the immune system. At ITN, Dr. Seyfert-Margolis oversaw the development of over 20 leading edge assay development and centralized laboratory facilities, bringing them to GLP and CLIA compliance. She designed and implemented biomarker discovery studies for over 25 Phase II clinical trials across a broad array of immunologically mediated diseases including autoimmune disorders, allergy, and solid organ transplantation.

Prior to this, she served as Director of the Office of Innovative Scientific Research Technologies at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, where she worked to integrate emerging technologies into existing immunology and infectious disease programs.

Dr. Seyfert-Margolis completed her PhD in immunology at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, and her post-doctoral fellowship work at Harvard University and the National Cancer Institute.

George Rehm is Director of Artera.AI and lead mentor in the QB3 early-stage mentoring program.

Previously, George Rehm worked as a Director at Butterfly Networks Inc. Hyperfine Research, PFS Genomics (Exact Sciences), Adamas Pharma (Supernus), crescendo Biosciences (Myriad Genetics), Decipher (Veracyte). In addition, he developed healthcare investment capability on behalf of one of Europe’s largest family offices, with stakes in venture, private equity, long-short hedge funds, and public stocks. After living and working in Europe for more than 25 years, George is now putting his experience to work supporting young firms being incubated from the UC/UCSF ecosystem from his home base in Berkeley.