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Programs & Events

Bringing the innovation community together.

Let’s get to know each other.


Good judgment can determine whether your venture succeeds. You can’t do it all yourself—sometimes you need expert advice. We can help you connect to potential board members or new C-level leaders who know your industry’s pitfalls and opportunities.

Investor Roundtables

You need money to fuel development and growth. But you want to get it from the right people, who genuinely want you to succeed. Being at Bakar Labs puts you in the spotlight for investors who know your field. You can pitch and meet them at our regular investor roundtables.

QB3 Events

QB3 pioneered life science incubators and investing in a university setting. At Bakar Labs you’re in the QB3 ecosystem and can take advantage of webinars, social events and competitions run by QB3 that introduce you to industry wisdom, fresh ideas, and partners, investors, and collaborators.

Speakers & Vendors

Bakar Labs has its own magnetic field that draws top speakers as well as service providers and vendors vital to your operations. They’ll sponsor events at which you can learn about their offerings and cut special deals to benefit your young company.