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Download the Bakar Labs 1-page infosheet here.

Q. Is there any space available?

A. Yes! We have about 200 lab benches, and a similar amount of office seating. At this time, we’re reviewing teams that have a need for both lab and office space.

Q. How much space can I rent?

A. Our lab space is rented by the 6-foot bench (1-2 people). Startups can start with what they need and add more benches as they grow.

Q. Do you have private labs?

A. We have a limited number of ~250 square-foot rooms that hold 4-6 benches.

Q. Do you have BSL-2 space?

A. All our lab space is BSL-2.

Q. How much does lab space cost to rent?

A. Pricing is market rate. Exact rate depends on usage details. Contact us for an estimate.

Q. Do you take equity in your tenants?

A. No.

Q. Do you have fume hoods? What about tissue culture hoods?

A. Yes and yes, we have lots. We’re very well equipped to support most molecular and cell biology research.

Q. I have more questions. And how do I apply?

A. We’re best positioned to help companies that are focused on creating solutions that have the potential to significantly improve human health or sustainability. Please contact us for an introductory call to answer your questions. The next step is to fill out our application from the link we will provide you. Based on the strength of your application we’ll schedule a date to pitch our selection and recruitment committee. Invitations are sent out within about a week.

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